Multimedia Education

Interactive audio visual learning for students enhancing the interest in study & learning outcomes.

Regular Evaluation

A month on month assessment to understand the progress of students and key areas of improvement for teachers

Parents Engagement

reporting & updates to parents regarding the students progress motivates them to take much interest in kids learning

Study with Tabs

Providing self paced study & promoting group based learning approach with adoption of tablet based education in schools.

Interactive Classes

With subject topics in animation format students find it interesting to concentrate on matters explained on multimedia screen. Teachers using the device have been guided well to take a pause a regular interval & engage students via question answers in things happening in video.

Every video is coupled with objective quizzes where the students attempt after finishing the audio visual study. They try to remember the points seen in the study video to answer the questions. .

Responsible Education

With its flagship brand Classvidya, Edwell Solutions serve budget private schools with strength 100-300 located in rural areas with a minimum population of 2000. In these schools students from pre primary to Std.5th are covered via multimedia based education. These students studying at budget private schools score above BPL and below middle class segment with annual household income of INR 120,000 to INR 150,000. .

Edwell envisions creating affordable technology oriented learning platform for students in rural & suburb India reaching 100 thousand students by 2020


Affordable Technology Based Education

Access to affordable quality education through multimedia contents is a clear need of schools operating in rural areas of India. Conducting a primary research in the schools coupled with physical response by entering into agreement to implement E-Learning solution in these budget private schools demonstrated the underserved need of quality education with help of technology in area. Less qualified teachers once occupied with E-Learning tools are in a position to provide improved education to students.

Our Model


Interactive & Effective

Classvidya provides multimedia based subject contents with easy in use IT infrastructure to schools for effective implementation. It provides adequate & continuous teachers training support to school teachers in effective implementation of E-learning modules. The assessment results of students are updates with parents via regular SMS.


Visible & Sustainable

With technology based education in schools, Edwell expects increase in retention rate of students in school, increase in parents involvement resulting community awareness on quality education, enhancement in learning interest of students for subjects like Maths, Science & English. The biggest impact we expect is to discontinue the migration of families in search of modern education from rural to urban India


Every Stakeholder

For students Edwell provides Interactive technology based study. With budget schools the value lies in higher retention rate with better examination in results. For majority of parents this is affordable quality multimedia based education. For overall community it is all about stopping the movement in search of good education.


Affordable Private Schools

With Classvidya, Edwell serves specifically to budget private schools with student s strength of 100 to 300 in K-8 segment. The geography is normally a village area or suburb with 2000+ population. Every development block, Edwell plans to add a minimum of 5 budget private schools. The monthly fees charged from students in these schools range from INR 250 to 800.

Our Portfolio

Affordable schools from rural part of Uttarakhand & other parts of north India feel happy to be associated with Edwell Solutions brand Classvidya. The low cost E-learning service coupled with quality service and an increase in learning outcomes of students acting as boon in continuing healthy relations of schools with Edwell Solutions.

SDS Memorial Childrens Academy

Chamba-Tehri Garhwal-Uttarakhand

LCM Bright Scholars Academy

Ranichauri-Tehri Garhwal-Uttarakhand

Little Education Academy

Gyansu-Uttarkashi-Uttarakhand (India)

Renuka Junior High School

Matli-Uttarkashi-Uttarakhand (India)

SDS Memorial Childrens Academy-Chamba

The school is among 3 budget private schools operating in a small hilly town Chamba in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. There are 120 students studying in the school from pre primary to standard 8th. Total number of teaching staff is around 10 with little or no exposure towards multimedia based education. With arrival of E-learning classes by Classvidya, school administration feels confident that there will be a positive impact on learning outcomes of students & more students will be joining this school from new academic year.

LCM Bright Scholars Academy

Located in the beautiful location of Himalayas, LCM Bright Scholars Academy is more than 15 years old school in Ranichauri area. There are around 100 students in school with total number of 8 teaching staffs. There was no such facility of multimedia based education in nearby schools so the students were covering large distance to avail technology based education. With starting of E-learning classes at the school, school administrations as well as parents feel that now students do not need to cover large distance to avail quality tech based education.

Little Education Academy

First need of students in rural areas is to get proper education than other facilities. Little Education Academy with no playground still has won the heart of parents by becoming the preferred educational institution in the area. With around 150 students in K-8 segment & more than 12 teaching staffs in the school, administration welcomed the arrival of Classvidya. Due to affordability & availability school admin was not able to install E-learning facilities in their school. With Classvidya, they also feel smart now.

Renuka Junior High School

Matli is a happening place in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand where there are more than 6 budget private schools operating. School administration always thought of differentiating itself by adopting technology based education. High upfront investment was a reason not to start it. With Classvidya, they started E-learning classes with ease in their school. Students feel happy with visual learning & wait every month for their marks to be communicated to their parents via mobile which they feel happy to read for their parents.


Budget Private Schools Associated


Students Learning Via Technology


Increase in Learning Outcomes


Schools Ready for Tie Up

We are the one

Team Edwell consists of young professionals with diversified experience to support each other in different roles to make a complete efficient organization. With segregation of responsibilities it becomes easier to reach the milestones planned.

            RAM KUMAR

CNBC TV 18 featured Young Entrepreneur & Village Capital alumni with 7 yrs experience in Education, IT & Microfinance.

            RAJNISH KUMAR

Tech geek with 8 Yrs in Automation, Software Development, Scientific Research. International research papers in credit.

             ARPIT PARIKH

Chartered Accountant with 5 yrs of experience in Financial Consulting, Investment Banking and Project Finance.


3 yrs of experience in managing operations in Education, Retail & Innovative Livelihood Practices.

edwell tech


Providing technology solution to budget private school is challenging due to high capital expenditure. Edwell aims to provide low cost multimedia based education to budget private school serving low & middle income earning communities across India. At Edwell we try new approaches to help children academically as well creating an environment where parents and teachers can track progress of children in real time.

Hardware Infrastructure- Classvidya Mini PC is an ARM based device having powerful Jelly Bean 4.2.2 OS. This device has great networking interface with LAN and WAN support. Our display unit consists of outstanding screen resolution of LED Screen ensuring magical look that is nothing less than the celluloid screen. This unit has additional array of highly functional features like energy saving mode which is highly recommended in rural area. Screen size of this device is 32 inches which is perfect for classroom teaching environment.

Backend Services- Companies backend services are mainly focused on service design and service delivery, and there are many software component coupled together to form a complete system. Two core services are School Management System (SMS) where schools update with latest lesson plans, assessment results, tracking the individual students progress over a topic. The reporting format is in the format of SMS to be sent to students parents primarily the assessment report of students. Teachers & school administration receive updates about topics covered in E-learning classes.

  • Zero initial investment by schools with service charges collected via monthly fees from students.


  • The multimedia device runs over a click with an option to pause and explain with much ease.

    Easy to use

  • With product matching the syllabus of school learning becomes accurate topic wise.

    Curriculum Aligned-

  • Our phone call service supports with immediate answering the queries along with service executive making weekly visits

    24*7 Support

    Adopting scientific ways to train rural teachers in usage of ICT tools to impart quality education.

    Training Assistance

Milestones- Steady development towards growth

Edwell Solutions with its modern approach of technology based education for rural masses has adopted a balance & time based development approach. Starting our journey with E-learning centre, we evolved towards becoming a preferred E-learning partner with affordable private schools. From online teaching to tablet based education, Edwell applies need based technology solution to advance the learning outcomes of students.



Edwell Solutions launches Classvidya, a low cost multimedia based education service for large number of budget private schools operating in rural India. Within a month of launch company signs an agreement with 8 budget private schools in Uttarakhand. Edwell plans to launch tablet based education with these schools shortly promoting group based learning.



CNBC TV 18 features Edwell Solutions CEO Ram Kumar in program Young Turks for adopting a sustainable model towards extending technology based education in rural India. With its work in affordable education sector, Pearson Education group along with Village Capital selects Edwell Solutions as one among top 14 start ups working in impact education sector.



For its unique work in technology based impact education, Edwell Solutions become one among top 20 social enterprises chosen by Tata Group & IIM-Calcutta in Tata Social Enterprise Challenge-2013. For expanding the work to more underserved geographies IIM-Calcutta agrees to provide incubation support to Edwell Solutions.



Edwell Solutions start E-learning centre in rural development blocks of Uttarakhand providing online & multimedia based supplementary education for primary standard students. More than 100 students benefited with this first of its kind education centre in Uttarakhand.

Our Gallery

Representation @ TECHON2014 in USA

Incubation agreement with IIM Calcutta

Team Edwell @ IIM Calcutta

Edwell at Edupreneurs Cohort

Happy children at LCM Academy

Multimedia teaching at SDS Academy

Learning counting with animated rhymes

Promoting parents engagement with workshops

Representation @ TECHON’14 in USA

Incubation agreement with IIM Calcutta

Team Edwell installing infrastructure in school

Edwell at Edupreneurs Cohort

Happy children at LCM Academy

Multimedia teaching at SDS Academy

Learning counting with animated rhymes

Promoting parents engagement with workshops

What clients say

Budget private schools have willingness to adopt modern techniques of education. Usage of multimedia in the classroom being the foremost requirement in terms of technology, these schools always search for an option which is affordable & easy to use by local teachers.

Rajveer Sajwan

ManagerSDS Academy, Chamba

Association with Edwell Solutions for multimedia education in my school has provided me with modern tools to improve the teaching standards in my school.

Manish Bahuguna

Manager-LCM Academy, Ranichauri

E-learning solution in our school has provided us necessary tools to upgrade learning standards & also stop the movement of students to schools in cities.

Sandeep Uniyal

Manager-Renuka School, Matli

Edwell provides the most affordable & reliable E-learning service to schools of our size. With multimedia education parents feel convinced to receive new education.

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